My atelier is a beautiful, atmospheric place, which I love to share with artful people who would like to learn to paint, enjoy an event or just want to “get out of the house”. All the courses below are in English, Dutch and German.

Would you like to sign up for one of my workshops or do you have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me!


Intuitive painting class


A workshop which focuses on “intuitive painting” and allows you to explore your own creativity. Intuitive painting is another way of discovering yourself. It can also been seen as an inner journey. In my atelier you’ll dive into another world before or after a busy day.

We work in small groups and paint at least four times in a row. Or just as long as you need to finish your canvas. In all quietness you’ll create a personal space on some kind of painting-/drawing island.

This workshop is suitable for both starters as well as experienced painters.


When? Starts mid October and mid March and has two optional timetables: Wednesday morning 10:00 - 12:30 or Friday afternoon 14:00 - 16:30 (including coffee/tea and little snacks)





Painting class face to face


An individual workshop providing space to people who want to clear their head from everyday busyness.

At my atelier you’re able to be yourself completely. Making conversation or just listening, philosophize and/or painting with brush and paint on canvas. Going out of your mind cheerfully or really relaxing with some classical background music.

People with a physical disability or for example older people who are mentally changed or demented can indulge themselves during this class.

To me personally  it feels really good to listen to them and watch their creations, how much they enjoy themselves and the warmth and beauty of their smile.

When? You can always make an appointment for this workshop at my atelier



Painting class for kids (6 - 12 years)


A holiday workshop for playing, climbing and running in the lovely big garden. Once and a while there’s work to be done while little Picassos and Rembrandts develop themselves in this class.

It’s always surprising how the amount of fun and focus produces the most beautiful paintings or famous works of art.

Bring yourself small, funny knick knacks, like shells, feathers, beads or photos which you’d like to stick to your painting or big wooden box. Don’t forget to bring your painting shirt and some old shoes – my hammock and I are looking forward to this!

Are you a vegetarian? Just let me know and I’ll take that into account for lunch.


When? 10:00 - 15:00 during the first and last week of the holidays (including lunch whenever you prefer)






Workshop just for fun


A free workshop on the occasion of a family celebration, birthday or just a fun event for friends.

Bring your own music or let me take care of that, while you paint individually or create a big collaborative painting. Painting, spraying and throwing – in other words: totally going out of control? You’ve come to the right place, because nothing will stop you during this workshop!

If prefered I’m glad to visit you at your location with all the painting attributes. Otherwise you’re more than welcome at my atelier and lovely big garden.

There’s coffee/tea and biscuits as much as you want and in the evening a possibility to share a hot meal together.


More information? Please contact me!